It’s time to make Creme de Cassis

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Creme de Cassis

Creme de Cassis What to do with Black Currants? In Britain, they just tend to end up as Ribena. France created an altogether better solution – Creme de Cassis. France took its Black Currants from England and Holland centuries ago. Their best come from Burgundy, called “Noir de Bourgogne”. The woods and hills above the vines are full of them. A few …

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Coffele Castel Cerino Soave Classico

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Coffele Castel Cerino

Coffele Castel Cerino Soave Classico DOC, Veneto, Italy. Soave is a famous Italian white wine region. The town of Soave, in the heart of the Classico zone, lends it its name. Here a magnificent walled fortress dominates the landscape. From its swallow-tailed vantage points, you can see far and wide. It seems besieged by rolling limestone and volcanic hills. On these …

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Mosnel EBB – White Gold for the 180th Birthday

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Mosnel EBB White Gold

Mosnel EBB – White Gold for the 180th Birthday Recently, Franciacorta winery Mosnel celebrated its 180th Birthday, and I was privileged to be invited to take part. In the course of their celebrations, they had a very special treat. It was an opportunity to taste every release of their vintage Franciacorta called Mosnel EBB, back to the very first vintage of …

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Terrys All-Time

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Terrys All-Time.

Terrys All-Time. Leeds psycho-heritage Walking down Woodhouse Lane in Leeds recently, I passed by the Universities, heading toward the city centre. On the left, past the Brutalist Car Park, and where Leeds Beckett Wellness Centre now stands, once stood Terrys All-Time. I sat down, overwhelmed by unbidden memories. Terrys All-Time, (no apostrophe) was a real 24-hour cafe, long demolished and …

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English Fizz comes of age

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English Fizz comes of age

English Fizz comes of age For English Fizz, this is the year that a step change happened. In years to come, we’ll look back at 2016 as the year that everything seemed to come together. Climate change, professional winemaking, maturing vines, grape varieties, site selection, business and investment skills, media recognition, coveted awards and sheer self-confidence mean that English Sparkling …

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