The world’s your Oyster

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Oyster & Champagne

The world’s your Oyster In Victorian times, the Oyster was food for the poor. They were harvested in abundance from around British shores and were cheap. Oysters are a good source of protein, especially valuable when meat is an expensive treat. Nowadays, the situation is very different – Oysters are an expensive delicacy, thanks to a combination of over-fishing and …

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Eat Amatriciana for Amatrice

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Amatriciana for Amatrice

Eat Amatriciana for Amatrice By now, many of us will have seen the devastation caused by the earthquake in Central Italy this week. The epicentre was close to the town of Amatrice. It’s famous for the Amatriciana pasta sauce central to Roman cuisine. To add insult to injury, Amatrice was preparing for its 50th annual festival celebrating their traditional dish this …

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Introducing Port – it’s not one drink

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Rowley Birkin QC Introducing Port

Introducing Port – it’s not one drink Arguably, Port is one of those quintessential British drinks, yet its various guises can be confusing. It’s often associated only with Christmas or Rowley Birkin QC. It deserves better than that. Port is a category rather than one drink. Introducing Port is my summary of the styles, with some examples to try. The …

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Ode to Marmite, spreading the love around

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Ode to Marmite - spreading the love

Ode to Marmite, spreading the love around Love it or hate it, right? Either way, we take Marmite for granted. Like generations before me, I was brought up on the stuff. Virtually indestructible, an opened jar will last for years. However, it survives only a matter of days here at BD Mansions. It’s a product that genuinely tastes like no …

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Rescue Mission. Palari Faro, a Sicilian Icon

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Palari Faro

Rescue Mission. Palari Faro, DOC Faro, Sicily. 2009. 13.5% This fabulous wine comes from north-east coastal Sicily, on steep volcanic slopes between the towns of Messina and Taormina. It is called Faro after the lighthouse that guards the entrance to Messina’s harbour. Beyond are the narrow, dangerous straights of Messina separating Sicily from mainland Italy. Faro is a shining light …

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Breaking Glass – which fizz glasses are best?

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Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass – which fizz glasses are best? One rainy Sunday afternoon I tested the suitability of various stemware for fizz in an experiment called Breaking Glass. What works best for bubbly? Admittedly my Breaking Glass test was conducted without much scientific rigour. Different glasses were hand-washed beforehand to ensure there were no lingering traces of detergent, which kills bubbles …

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