F Scott Fitzgerald conjugated the word Cocktail

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Whisky Sour; F Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald conjugated the word Cocktail F Scott Fitzgerald is best known for writing The Great Gatsby and Tender Is The Night, those magnificent novels of glamour, decadence and tragedy. He wrote other novels, short stories and letters. Meanwhile, his notes and lists collected ideas and impressions, ranging from the profound to the banal, including a list of thirteen ways …

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Stephane Derenoncourt and St. Emilion

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Derenoncourt wines

Stéphane Derenoncourt and St. Émilion I don’t often write about serious Bordeaux reds. Not because I have an aversion to them, it’s more because I don’t get involved in the en primeur or auction/investment scenes. I prefer to drink my wines! Also, top Bordeaux Cru like St. Émilion commands prices ranging from expensive to stratospheric. However, looking back through my St. …

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Silly Tasting Notes and Neuroenology

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Ministry of Silly Tasting Notes

Silly Tasting Notes and Neuroenology It might seem obvious, but the taste of wine occurs in the human brain. Indeed, there is a good deal of scientific research that’s gradually revealing how this works. A terrific book called Neuroenology, by Gordon M. Shepherd, explains this in detail. So why also include the Silly Tasting Notes in this article? Well, once the taste …

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