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AWEsome Wines 2020 AWE

2020 AWEsome Wines – Free Download

Hot off the Press! The 2020 AWEsome Wines from the Association of Wine Educators (AWE) is out now. Containing 100 wines of excellent quality and value, it’s a free download here! Read on!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We’re wine educators, so it’s what we do. AWE members are professionals that taste and teach wine. Quite often we drink it too. This guide has 100 wines we rate as being of exceptional quality and value. The wines are available in the UK at supermarkets, independent wine merchants and online websites, so there should be no difficulty in finding them.

There’s sure to be something you’d like to try at a price you like. I often use it to source wines for my tastings and some of the wines have been featured on this website.

The brochure has easy-to-use sections: Under £10.00 in white, red and rosé. Then wines between £10.00 and £25.00, again in white, red and rosé. After that, sparkling wines under £35.00 and finally a few sweet and fortified wines.

Get the Free Download

As a longstanding member of the AWE, I’ve chipped in as usual with three stunning examples, all of which have wowed at tastings and masterclasses. Meanwhile, the remaining 97 are suggestions from some of my favourite wine people. Hence it’s a reliable and useful guide.  You can download a pdf of the free brochure by clicking the link below (it’s a safe link to another part of my website):

AWEsome Wines 2020


I find it particularly useful to keep this pdf on a mobile device. Then I can call it up when I’m out wine shopping!

Please note that this is a UK wine guide. All the wines are currently available in the UK, so I can’t promise they are available elsewhere.

Enjoy some AWEsome Wines right now! Moreover, why not download last year’s edition too? Here’s the link for AWEsome wines 2019.

Oh and don’t forget, if you want to hire me for a tasting or masterclass, please get in touch.

Update: here’s the 2022 version!


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