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Biodynamic Bibliography

Biodynamic Bibliography – A Written Resource

During my wine career, I have collected (and read!) many publications about Biodynamics, some good, some not. In this Centenary Year, several readers have been in touch asking how to discover more about Biodynamics. Hence, this Biodynamic Bibliography should act as a helpful introductory resource.

So here is a selection of writings on Biodynamics. Start with the books. The articles and papers cover specialised aspects. This is only a small personal selection based on understanding what remains controversial, at least for some.

Of course, a considerable amount of literature is available besides these, but I’m not trying to be exhaustive. Instead, these are the most transparent and enjoyable expositions that have informed me over the years. Many have stood the test of time.

This list is also guaranteed to be free from the legions of ill-informed puff pieces.


Courtney, H.J. Biodynamics for Beginners: Principles and Practice Portal Books, 2024

Florin, J-M. Biodynamic Wine Growing: Understanding the Vine and Its Rhythms (Translated by Jarman, B.) Floris Books, 2021

Hemleben, J. Rudolf Steiner, an illustrated biography (Translated by Twyman, L.) Sophia Books, 2000

Joly, N. Wine from Sky to Earth. Growing and appreciating Biodynamic Wine  Acres USA, 1999

Joly, N. What is Biodynamic Wine? The quality, the taste, the terroir Clairview Books, 2007

Klett, M. Principles of Biodynamic Spray and Compost Preparations (Translated by Jarman, B.) Floris Books, 2023

Masson, P. A Biodynamic Manual Steinerbooks, 2014

Selg, P. The Agricultural Course, Koberwitz, Whitsun 1924 Temple Lodge, 2010

Steiner, R. Agriculture Course: The birth of the Biodynamic method (Translated by Adams, G.) Rudolph Steiner Press, 2004

Steiner, R. What Is Biodynamics? A way to heal and revitalise the Earth Rudolph Steiner Press, 2006

Thun, T. and Thun, F. Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar Floris Books, Published Annually

Thun, M. Gardening for Life. The Biodynamic Way Hawthorn Press, 1999

Schilthuis, W. Biodynamic Agriculture Anthroposophic Press, 1994

Wright, H. Biodynamic gardening for health and taste Michell Beazley, 2003


Articles and Papers

Angeli, M. La colére des raisins Layon Impression, May 2004

Bourguignon, C. & Gabucci, L. Comparisons of chemical analysis and biological activity of soils cultivated by Organic and Biodynamic methods in Willer, H. & Meier, U. (Eds.) Proceedings 6th Annual Congress on Organic Viticulture, Basel 25 & 26 August 2000

Humbrecht, O. The importance of Biodynamie, 2004

Joly, N. Is Biodynamic wine-growing a myth or a reality? Clos de la Coulée de Serrant, Pamphlet, 2003

Joly, N. Biodynamics: Winemaking for the future – towards renaissance of terroir wines (Allons ensemble vers une renaissance des appellations). Seminar, New York, June 2004

Ostertag, A. Breakthrough or snake oil: un dialogue de vignerons autour de la Biodynamie Institute of Masters of Wine paper, 1998

Pinguet, N. Domaine Huët: Culture Biodynamique Domaine Huet Pamphlet, 2004

Reeve, J.R., Carpenter-Boggs, L., Reganold, J.P., York, A.L., McGourty, G., McCloskey, L.P. Soil and Winegrape Quality in Biodynamically and Organically Managed Vineyards American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, USA, December 2005

Reeve, J.R. Taking a scientific look at Biodynamics  Stella Natura, 2007, Camphill Village, Australia.

Reganold, J.P., Palmer, A.S., Lockhart, J.C., Macgregor, A.N. Soil quality and financial performance of Biodynamic and conventional farms in New Zealand Science 26: pp 344-349, 1993

Sawyer, S. A Western approach to Nicolas Joly’s focus on Biodynamics, Philosophy and Applications Vineyard and Winery Management, USA, 2000

SIVCB. Brochure, Syndicat International des Vignerons en Culture Biodynamique  Biodyvin. Tain l’Hermitage, 2002

Steiner, R. Agriculture. 8 Lectures, 8-24th June 1924. (Translated by Wachsmuth, G.), 1938

Turinek, M., S. Grobelnik-Mlakar, S., Bavec, M., and Bavec, F. Biodynamic agriculture research progress and priorities University of Maribor, Slovenia, 2009


And Finally

This bibliography should help you form your own informed opinion about the merits of Biodynamics. Please do reciprocate – let me know if you find other valuable publications.


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