Fasoli Gino – doing the right thing right

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Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino – doing the right thing right I love discovering less well-known producers that make exciting wines. Excitement for me is about wines that express terroir and the personality of the winemaker. Fasoli Gino is one. Amarone is an elegant and powerful dry red wine made with dried grapes. Now famous, its success has driven the resurgence of the Valpolicella …

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Aperol Spritz, a bitter-sweet memory

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Aperol Spritz - a bittersweet memory

Aperol Spritz, a bitter-sweet memory There are 300,000 glasses of Aperol Spritz poured every day in Italy. What makes Aperol spritz distinctive is the bright orange aperitive called Aperol. I first discovered it on the smart café terrace of Osteria Bancogiro. It overlooks the Grand Canal in Venice, sandwiched between the hedonistic delights of the Rialto and the Market. Memories made …

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What’s your Champagne Style?

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Champagne style

What’s your Champagne Style? While there is but one way of making Champagne, not all Champagnes are the same. Champagne is a blend of three essential ingredients: grape varieties, vineyards and vintages. In combination, they can create a particular Champagne style. Champagne is a protected word, meaning it can only come from the Champagne region. Most Champagne is a blend …

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Tenuta di Valgiano, Palistorti Rosso

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Tenuta di Valgiano Palistorti Rosso

Tenuta di Valgiano Palistorti Rosso, DOC Colline Lucchesi, Italy Welcome to Lucca Laura di Collabiano welcomed me into the kitchen of Tenuta di Valgiano. This sixteenth-century estate is some 250 metres above the river Sérchio, and 10 km north of Lucca in Tuscany. On a cold February night, a fire burned brightly within an enormous open hearth, giving the room …

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