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Born Digital Wine Awards 2017

The Born Digital Wine Awards 2017

I’m delighted to say that I made the shortlist for the Born Digital Wine Awards 2017, by Wines in Moderation. It’s an annual global award programme with various categories aimed at wine writers and photographers.

I decided to enter this competition after the interest shown in my first piece about using Blockchain in the Wine industry.

There were 361 entries from around the world for 2017 (a new record). 49 of those were in my category, Best Opinion Piece/Editorial.

From these, I made the shortlist. You can see the dozen shortlisted entries here.

I use a football analogy of which I am fond. Here I was, the lowly Wimbledon, up against the Premier Division favourites. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. In the FA Cup Final. Odds firmly against an upset. No further bets.

So I didn’t win but gave it a go. You know what? I only lost on penalties after extra-time. And meanwhile, I had a great cup run. Ah, the romance of the cup. Isn’t this what every minnow dreams? 40 points in the league and not relegated. Happy days!

Thank you

To extend the analogy to breaking point, thanks to my supporters. Especially those at the away games, travelling hundreds of miles on a freezing wet Wednesday night. Your team is already 4-0 down at halftime, but you’re there. And still singing at the end after the last minute scrappy consolation goal. And there again next week too. There’s always next year.
So this is for you.
You know who you are.

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