Keep In Touch

I like to keep in touch with readers. The easiest way is to use good old-fashioned email.

I have returned to this method, replacing the previous contact form on this webpage.

This is due to spam and malware. Preventing this helps to protect us and means I can answer your enquiry quicker.

Just email
enquiries “at” winealchemy dot co dot uk
using the usual email format.

Not displaying a live email link also means that the address shown should only be understood by humans.

I’m always happy to discuss all aspects of wine, but please note that I don’t sell wine.

Neither can I offer investment advice, authentication or valuation services.

I also offer a free Newsletter/Update. This comes out roughly quarterly or when I feel I’ve something you’ll find interesting. You can unsubscribe from it at any time.

Again, I no longer offer a joining form for this for the same reasons as before.

If you would like to receive the Newsletter / Update, please read the Wine Alchemy Privacy Policy first. Then, if you wish to proceed, please email me a request, including your email, name and address. Your email acts as your consent to the Privacy policy.