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Real Bread week

Real Bread Week, 14-22 May 2016

There is a definition of Real Bread. It is that it is bread made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives. It should be just pure flour, water, and yeast. Why should you care? Well, It’s healthier, and it looks and tastes miles better! It also preserves out local bread making traditions and jobs. Why not get involved during Real Bread Week: buy it, make it, eat it. It’s delicious, social and therapeutic!

If you come back from Europe and miss their artisan bakers (and who doesn’t) then why not support those in Britain? Local high street bakeries and flour mills are making a delicious staple food that comes in every conceivable shape, size, and style.

And can anything beat the smell of fresh bread coming from your oven?

The Real Bread Campaign organise the week, they fight for Real Bread in Britain and oppose the industrialised pap sold to us by big business and supermarkets. These could be a wrapped and sliced factory loaf or one bought from a supermarket in-store bakery.  Not only are such products dull, but the law allows them to contain all kinds of undeclared additives. Some of those are known allergens and could even be of GM or animal origin. At least make an informed choice.

Vote with your shopping basket and buy Real Bread instead. Find out more on their website, which is a great resource. It has a real bread finder and recipes; it lists events and courses where you can learn to make bread. There is a wealth of information. It’s a Charity, and you can join up or even donate because they need dough (groan).

Or take a look at Twitter @RealBread #RealBreadWeek

I got involved and joined up; you might want to too.


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