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Gon Out Backson Bisy Backson

Gon Out Backson Bisy Backson – a temporary notice

Gon Out Backson Bisy Backson, on a notice pinned to the door.

“Bother!’ said Rabbit, “He’s gone out.”
He went back to the green front door, just to make sure, and he was turning away, feeling that his morning had got all spoilt, when he saw a piece of paper on the ground. And there was a pin in it as if it had fallen off the door.
“Ha!” said Rabbit, feeling quite happy again. “Another notice!”.
This is what it said:
“Ha!” said Rabbit again, “I must tell the others”. And he hurried off importantly. The nearest house was Owl’s, and to Owl’s House in the Hundred Acre Wood he made his way.*

In other words, that’s it for December 2021 now, time for a short break.

However, regular service will resume on Wine Alchemy on 1st January 2022, starting with my Wine of the Year (WOTY) 2021Wine of the Year (WOTY) 2021. Meanwhile, why not look at my latest Christmas Wine recommendations?


*Quotation from A.A. Milne, “The House At Pooh Corner”, with illustration by E.H Shepard. But you knew that because you and I have brains, the others have fluff.


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