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French Revolutionary Calendar - ideal for International Drinks Days?

International Drinks Days – a Calendar in progress

Have you noticed the increasing number of International Drinks Days? These are annual days dedicated to a grape variety, a cocktail, spirit, or beer.  How did the idea of International Drinks Days arise? Do they have any value besides clogging up your calendar or Twitter feed, do they have any value? Do you look forward to any of them? Why those particular days, and who gets to choose? How are we to celebrate?

Did it originate with Beaujolais Nouveau, which used to be widely celebrated and at least commemorates the new wine’s release? So many questions. I fear we may never know the answers.

And, excepting  Xinomavro and Furmint, these tend to be only for the most well-known grapes and drinks. I lament the lack of International Drinks Days for the likes of Bobal, Barsaglina and Bacchus. I wonder how you start one?

It’s a bit of fun, so in the (ahem) spirit of International Drinks Days, here is an annual drinks calendar, with some links out to related Wine Alchemy articles. As for English Wine and Sherry, their celebrations last for A WEEK, while Riesling and Rioja lasts for a MONTH!

Still, let’s face it, every day is reason enough to celebrate!


International Drinks Day Calendar.


Nothing. Maybe that’s because of “Dry January”? 


1 February – International Furmint Day

First Saturday – International Pisco Sour Day

8 February – International Scotch Whisky Day

16 February – International Syrah Day

18 February – Global Drink Wine Day

22 February – International Margarita Day

27 February – National Kahlúa Day


3 March – International Irish Whiskey Day

3 MarchInternational Mulled Wine Day

5 March – National Absinthe Day

13 March – International Riesling Day

21 March – World Vermouth Day

27 March – International Whisk(e)y Day


14 April  – International Tannat Day

17 April – World Malbec Day

28 April – International Viognier Day


5 May – International Sauvignon Blanc Day (1st Friday in May)

13 May – World Cocktail Day

15 May – World Whisky Day

21 May – International Chardonnay Day


4 June – International Cognac Day

12 June – World Gin Day

16 June – Drink Chenin Day (3rd Friday in June)

21 June – World Lambrusco Day

23 June – International Rosé Day (4th Friday in June)


10 July – World Rum Day

12 July – International Cava Day

11 July – World Mojito Day

24 July – World Tequila Day


1 August – Old Vine Day; International Albariño Day

First Friday – International Beer Day

18 August – International Pinot Noir Day

30 August – World Mai Tai Day


1 September – International Cap Classique Day

2 September – International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

10 September – International Port Wine Day

17 September – International Grenache Day  (3rd Friday in September)


2 October – World No Alcohol Day

4 October – International Vodka Day

6 October –  Orange Wine Day

10 October – International Pinotage Day (2nd Saturday in October)

19 October – International Gin and Tonic Day

23 October – World Champagne Day

31 October – International Carignan Day


1 November – International Xinomavro Day

7 November – International Merlot Day

12 November – International Tempranillo Day  (2nd Thursday in November)

18 November – International Poitín Day

Third Thursday – Beaujolais Nouveau Day

24 November – International Carmenère Day

27 November – Zinfandel Day


4 December – International Cabernet Franc Day

10 December – International Aszú Day


And finally

If you know of any other examples, and I bet they are legion, I’ll be happy to add them to this Calendar – just let me know!




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