Privacy, personal data, security. GDPR

The Wine Alchemy Privacy Policy, GDPR, and Security

The Wine Alchemy Privacy Policy, GDPR, and Security

1) Privacy and your Personal Information.

Wine Alchemy commits to protect the privacy and personal data of its users. Furthermore, it opposes Surveillance Capitalism and supports the Center for Humane Technology. Hence, our Privacy Policy tells you how personal information is defined, obtained, and used. It also tells you about your rights.

The privacy policy applies to your personal information. Its collection is via our website or other ways such as by telephone or email. When we collect personal information, we make it clear that we ask for your positive consent first. We also explain what we then do with it.

Your information retention and use comply with the Data Protection Act, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Age Appropriate Design Code for Online Services.

2) GDPR.

ICO Registration Certificate 2018-2023

ICO Registration Certificate 2018-2023

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Its introduction strengthened, harmonised, and modernised EU data protection law and enhanced individual rights and freedoms. It is consistent with the European understanding that privacy is a fundamental human right. GDPR regulates how individuals and organisations obtain, use, store, and destroy personal data. It came into force on 25/08/2018.

GDPR covers all EU institutions and also all systems outside the EU that process the personal data of EU citizens. It continues to be in force since the UK left the European Union. The penalties for non-compliance are stringent.

Wine Alchemy, established in the UK,  is the Data Controller. Paul Howard is the Data Protection Officer. Contact him via the website.

The ICO is the UK regulator responsible for monitoring and investigating data breaches and complaints. The Wine Alchemy registration with the ICO (Information Commissioners’ Office) is ZA317200.

3) The Wine Alchemy website

Google Analytics is a third-party US service. It collects internet log information and details of visitor behaviour, such as the number of website visitors. All information is processed anonymously, which does not identify anyone. Neither Wine Alchemy nor Google Analytics tries to find out the identities of those browsing our website. Google Analytics uses Standard Contractual Clauses, shown here.

WordPress publishes the website run by Automattic Inc in the US. WordPress collects anonymous information about user activity. They report on effectiveness to help improve the website. For more information about how WordPress processes data, see Automattic’s notice. The website is hosted and maintained at Maratopia Digital Marketing in the UK. Maratopia privacy policy is here.

Twitter feed is included on the website. Twitter is in the USA; their policy is here. Wine Alchemy does not share your Personal Information on Twitter or any other social media. Additionally, Wine Alchemy does not use or have accounts with social media platforms owned by Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger).

4) Personal Information collection

When you visit the Wine Alchemy website, you supply personal information. This information is the minimum to operate our services and requires your positive consent. It may include your name and email address. Collection happens when:

  • your access device connects to the website via your browser. It sends digital data about the device, its location and IP address.
  • completing a Contact Us form on the site;
  • subscribing to a Newsletter/Update to receive news, events, and information;
  • email, where we may retain your email messages, your email address and our responses;

Wine Alchemy never collects sensitive personal data. Examples include health or financial information or information that reveals a person’s racial or ethnic origin. Wine Alchemy does not conduct personal data profiling either. Furthermore, Wine Alchemy data collection conforms to the Age Appropriate Design Code, which came into force on 02/09/20.

5) Cookies

The Wine Alchemy website gathers information about site usage using cookies. A cookie is a small data file that a web page server adds to your hard drive. Cookies cannot identify you. Instead, they enable more straightforward navigation and help us match content to your preferred interests more quickly. Wine Alchemy does not track users across other websites either. In addition, our use of cookies complies with legislation.

Hence by using the Wine Alchemy website, you agree to cookie use. If you do not accept this, you can alter your browser settings. For example, you can turn off cookies or block those unacceptable to you. You can also delete existing cookies. All modern browsers allow you to do this, and your browser has the instructions for this. In addition, your device may provide you with additional tools and information to safeguard your online privacy, and you may also use a VPN.

6) How do we use your information?

We use your information as follows:

  • to present content from our website effectively;
  • notify you of any changes;
  • provide subscribers with Newsletter/Update using MailChimp;
  • update our records;
  • provide anonymised website statistics via Google Analytics.

7) Personal information and third parties

We do not sell any personal information. The transfer of personal data for data processing is to Google Analytics and WordPress as described above, or MailChimp, as described below. These third-party data processors are outside the EU. Notwithstanding this, we are under a duty to disclose or share your information to comply with any legal obligations.

8) Your Consent

Consent is the legal basis for processing your Personal Data under GDPR.

The Wine Alchemy Newsletter/Update subscription and Contact Me form are optional website features. However, using them first requires your positive consent to collect and use your Personal Data.  You may then sign up for the Newsletter/Update or use the Contact Me email form. Moderation prevents spam, abuse or hate crime. Positive consent to these optional facilities is at your discretion by reading the privacy statement and then ticking the blank consent box.

The Newsletter/Update is an optional free subscription service that requires your positive consent if signing up. You may unsubscribe from this at any time. All newsletters/Updates contain clear unsubscribe links. Wine Alchemy deletes any subscriber if they have not opened a Newsletter/Update for two years. All personal data is removed and destroyed, not archived on all unsubscribing.

The Newsletter/Update uses MailChimp, a data processor in the USA, which gathers statistics on email opening, location and usage. Mailchimp is owned by Intuit and processes personal information following the Intuit Global Privacy Statement.

9) Your rights

You may request access to your Personal Data that we collect online and maintain by contacting us at any time. Such access is without charge. Exceptionally, we may charge a fee based on our administrative costs when an application is unfounded, excessive, or repetitive. The response is within one calendar month of the request.

You have the right to ask us not to process information for marketing purposes. Any marketing will cease immediately upon receipt.

You have the right to have any of your personal data held by us securely erased, restricted or rectified. We will respond without undue delay, and in any case, within one calendar month.

You may unsubscribe from the Newsletter/Update at any time.

10) Security and Trust

The Wine Alchemy website uses a renewable SSL EV Certificate for enhanced safety and privacy using HTTPS. Consequently, in your browser, you may see this as:

  • Our name, as we own the EV certificate;
  • A distinctive colour, usually green, is shown in the address bar, indicating a valid EV certificate;
  • An address bar lock symbol. It varies in colour depending on the website security status. By clicking on the lock symbol, you can obtain more information about the EV certificate.
  • Some browsers now display HTTP sites as Not Secure. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your data during transit to our website. Once we receive it, we use security features to authorise access. You may also use a VPN on your device to access the website.

11) No Advertising Policy

Wine Alchemy never accepts advertisements for third-party goods and services and does not publish “guest posts”. Comments on individual posts are disabled.

Wine Alchemy never carries advertising, affiliate programmes or sponsored links (“Clickbait”). We believe that users of the website wish to explore and enjoy published content on merit without distraction. Therefore, Wine Alchemy is not a portal to junk, fake journalism or paid advertisements. External links included within articles are intended only for general information or further exploration, and Wine Alchemy has no control over such links.

Wine Alchemy may accept payment for published articles and journalism. However, any recommendations made are based on personal opinions and are without guarantee. External Links to wine stockists and wines are purely for illustrative purposes, sourced at publication using and are not updated.

Wine Alchemy does not sell wine or provide investment advice or wine valuation services.

Last update 17 December 2021