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Questions on wine, travel and food that I wish you’d ask

I get lots of questions about wine, food and travel. That’s great; it’s part of doing the job I love! Check out my About Me page for the basic info on why I do what I do.

Meanwhile, here are some questions that I wish someone would ask me. In the unlikely event that anyone does, here are my answers, prepared in advance.

Question 1: How much do you spend on a good bottle of wine?
A: About half an hour

Question 2: What can I do with chicken legs?
A: Wear trousers

Question 3: Why do you write about alcohol?
A: In wine there’s wisdom; in beer there’s freedom; in water, there are bacteria. That’s what Benjamin Franklin said anyhow. Only he couldn’t have because bacteria were not discovered until many years after his death.

Question 4: What happens when life brings you lemons?
A: I make Gin and Tonic

Question 5: how did you make a small fortune in wine?
A: I started with a large one

Question 6: Are you the outdoorsy type?
A: Yes, I like eating and drinking on sun-kissed patios

Question 7: Do you prefer your pizza cut into four or eight slices?
A: Only four. I couldn’t eat eight.

Question 8: Why did you go full-time in wine, travel and food?
A: Because jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul

Question 9: Do you have any ambitions?
A: Yes, I hope to one day write something worth plagiarising

Question 10: How would describe your writing?
A: My writing, to paraphrase Dr Johnson, is good and original. Unfortunately, the good part isn’t original, and the original part isn’t good. But I’m working on it!

Paul Howard was talking to…himself

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