Responsible Drinking: Wine in Moderation

Responsible Drinking

Responsible Drinking is a good thing.

Alcohol is integral to many societies across the world. Indeed, it has been part of their culinary and cultural heritage for thousands of years. Consequently, responsible drinking and moderate consumption of alcohol can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle. In short, promoting a sustainable drinking culture that inspires enjoyment, healthy living, and well-being is my aim.

For example, we’ve all heard of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. UNESCO recognises this as part of their Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Hence, I actively support the responsible drinking programmes of Wine in Moderation, the Portman Group and Drinkaware.

But I went further than that and became a qualified licensee. I hold the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) L2 National Certificate. It’s not compulsory for me, but it demonstrates my commitment. So I think it should be mandatory.

The Licensing Act 2003 covers the UK law regulating the sale and supply of alcohol, providing entertainment and late-night refreshments, and alcohol-related offences. Under this Act, my Personal Alcohol Licence is BD/PER2107.

This allows my sale or the authorisation of the sale of alcohol under a premises license. I must prevent crime, disorder, and public nuisance, promote public safety and protect children from harm.

Do you want to know how many units of alcohol are in your glass? Here’s a handy Alcohol Unit Calculator from DrinkAware.

Please be alcohol aware and drink responsibly. I always recommend that we all drink less but drink better.

You’ll be able to find out more by following the links above. And now, on with the show.