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Soave in the glass, summer of Soave

Summer of Soave – UK promotion 2019, and more besides

Summer of Soave is a UK promotion that’s running, you guessed it, this summer. So look out for tastings, promotions and more besides. Soave is undoubtedly one of my favourite Italian white wines and is also a place close to my heart. Rather than explain in words why this is, check out this Video.

Hence it’s a place to return to often, though seemingly never often enough! There is always something new to discover; a producer, wine or indeed, a different season or landscape.

Summer of Soave

Summer of Soave

Look out for the Summer of Soave promotional logo

Over this summer there will be brand new Wine Alchemy Soave stories, collected from the latest visit. Then, Soave was unusually wet and cold, and consequently, the development of the vines at present is much slower than usual, though there’s a long way to go before vintage time.

However, inclement weather didn’t stop some great discoveries.

Soave Cru

Progress on establishing the new Soave Cru designation based on specific vineyard sites continues. The previous list of 54 vineyard sites (Cru) identified by preparatory work has been honed down to 33. Producers can add these Cru to their relevant wines from this year’s harvest onwards.

Ageworthy wine

Meanwhile, Soave ages exceptionally well, because the Garganega grape variety and it’s blending partner Trebbiano di Soave have this potential. Indeed, Trebbiano di Soave is the Verdicchio grape of Le Marche, whose terrific ageing potential was demonstrated by the Wine Alchemy Masterclasses last year.

High-quality Soave always benefits from a year in bottle and shines at three years of age. After that, many years of further development are possible as tertiary aromas and flavours gradually appear.

Older wines are, of course, harder to come by than the young vintages. Hence if you are buying great Soave then buy at least two bottles; one for now and one for later.

Quality is soaring

What is abundantly clear is the continuing improvement in the quality of Soave wines, a process that’s continuing apace regardless of vintage variation. It’s a region that undertakes a lot of research and is also outward facing; always looking to improve. Meanwhile, in November 2018, Soave was officially accepted as the 58th Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by the Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. These are beautiful landscapes that uniquely combine agricultural biodiversity, resilient ecosystems and precious cultural heritage.

Seabeds and eruptions

Soave is a region with a mosaic of limestone from ancient seabeds and volcanic soils from more recent cataclysms. That’s an unusual mix that influences the wine’s flavour profile. Look out for comparisons between wines from these very different terroirs in future. They are not necessarily better than one another but are undoubtedly different. Meanwhile, some wines naturally are a mix of both, adding more complexity to the vinous palette.

Two pieces to get you in the mood

Until these new stories appear, what not read these two previous pieces on Soave wines to get you in the mood?

Here’s the Wine of the Year 2017, Salvarenza from Gini. Congratulations are also due to Sandro Gini, as he’s now President of the Soave Consorzio.

And here’s a perennial favourite, Coffele. Now they’re testing new technology in their vineyards to prevent fungal attacks, all at the press of a button. It fits in with their organic approach, where goats do roam.


In short, in this Summer of Soave, there’ll be plenty on how Italy’s most famous white wine continues to impress, so Cin-cin!

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