Bugey on down – explorations in undiscovered France

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Grand Colombier, Bugey. Looking at Mont Blanc

Bugey on down – explorations in undiscovered France In France, the little known wine region of Bugey is well off the beaten track. I have passed through it frequently, usually on the way to more famous wine destinations in France and Italy. When I finally stopped to explore it some years ago, I wished I had done so sooner. An …

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I’m forever making Bubbles

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I’m forever making Bubbles. Making Bubbles is a popular Wine Alchemy event; how different ways to create sparkling wines. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Wine comes from the alcoholic fermentation of freshly picked grape juice. We regard this as straightforward chemistry nowadays. However, that understanding is relatively recent. We know now that yeast digests the sugar in the grapes, producing alcohol and …

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