Asolo: Prosecco with a sense of place (Pt.1)

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Asolo, Cathedral Bell Tower

Asolo: Prosecco with a sense of place (Pt.1) On a clear day in Venice, take a moment and look inland to north-north-west. On the horizon, shimmering in a lagoon haze, are a range of hills forming the first outliers of the alps, some 60 km distant across the pancake-flat land of the pianura. Here lies the town of Asolo; perched on …

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Making a case for Christmas 2016

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Case for Christmas

Making a case for Christmas 2016 In my recent Christmas Card, I suggested wines that’ll make your festivities go with a bang. I’m following my advice – here’s a case that includes wines that I’ll be drinking myself. Chosen with Christmas celebrations firmly in mind, there’s a dozen here. I’ve selected premium fizz from the £20+ range, and all the others …

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Friday Night Fizz Night

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Friday Night Fizz Night

Friday Night Fizz Night What a week for the UK! Huge divisions have been opened up over Brexit, with politicians of all hues and financial markets in turmoil, while Iceland thrashed England at Euro 2016. Take your pick about what’s gloomy for you. But just because we are living in turbulent times it doesn’t mean that we can’t still have …

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I’m forever making Bubbles

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I’m forever making Bubbles. Making Bubbles is a popular Wine Alchemy event; how different ways create sparkling wines. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Wine comes from the alcoholic fermentation of freshly picked grape juice. We regard this as straightforward chemistry nowadays. However, that understanding is relatively recent. We know now that yeast digests the sugar in the grapes, producing alcohol and carbon …

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Aperol Spritz, a bitter-sweet memory

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Aperol Spritz - a bittersweet memory

Aperol Spritz, a bitter-sweet memory There are 300,000 glasses of Aperol Spritz poured every day in Italy. What makes Aperol spritz distinctive is the bright orange aperitive called Aperol. I first discovered it on the smart café terrace of Osteria Bancogiro. It overlooks the Grand Canal in Venice, sandwiched between the hedonistic delights of the Rialto and the Market. Memories made …

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