I Was A Marmite Baby – Spreading The Love

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Ode to Marmite - spreading the love

I Was A Marmite Baby – Spreading The Love. Love it or hate it. Either way, in the UK, we take Marmite for granted. Like generations before me, I was brought up on the stuff. Seemingly indestructible, an open jar might last for years. However, it survives only a few days in our house. It’s a food that tastes like …

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Pie and Mash – an authentic taste of London

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Pie and Mash sign, Goddard's Greenwich

Pie and Mash – an authentic taste of London While I live ever more distant from my London birthplace, that doesn’t wholly quell its siren call. There are many things I don’t miss, but one thing I do is Pie and Mash, proper London food. There is, sadly, an ever-dwindling collection of emporia in London in which to eat it. …

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Terrys All-Time

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Terrys All-Time.

Terrys All-Time. Leeds psycho-heritage Walking down Woodhouse Lane in Leeds recently, I passed by the Universities, heading toward the city centre. On the left, past the Brutalist Car Park, and where Leeds Beckett Wellness Centre now stands, once stood Terrys All-Time. I sat down, overwhelmed by unbidden memories. Terrys All-Time, (no apostrophe) was a real 24-hour cafe, long demolished and …

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