Mas Llossanes, Côtes Catalanes, Southern France

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Mas Llossanes Solenn & Dominique Génot

Mas Llossanes Solenn and Dominique Génot own and run the small biodynamic estate of Mas Llossanes. It’s about 40km / one hour west of Perpignan, in the Roussillon region of deepest Southern France. For over ten years they managed the Caiarossa Estate in Tuscany, whose superb biodynamic wines I have followed closely and written about here. Having decided to create a domain …

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Corks Out! Diam Bouchage fight back

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Corks Out! DIAM Bouchage fight back

Corks Out! Diam Bouchage fight back Hands up who has had a bottle of corked wine? Ok, that’s most of you. And I don’t mean wine with a few bits of cork floating in it. It’s the awful smell and taste of musty or mouldy cardboard. The culprit is TCA, short for 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole. It forms when airborne bacteria and fungi …

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