Pedro Ximénez: Discover the Joy of PX

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Montilla-Moriles DO PX

Pedro Ximénez: Discover the Joy of PX Pedro Ximénez (PX) is both a Spanish white grape variety and a particular style of super-sweet dessert wine. PX (the grape) is grown in many Spanish regions and occasionally elsewhere. However, the most outstanding examples of PX (the wine) are arguably from the inland Andalusian wine region of Montilla-Moriles DO. It’s some 45 …

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New Zealand celebrates 200 years of viticulture

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Maori Point Vineyard, Central Otago, New Zealand

New Zealand Celebrates 200 years of viticulture The first record of vines planted in New Zealand was on September 25, 1819. It’s in a journal by Samuel Marsden, an Anglican missionary. (He was born in Farsley, less than ten miles from my home in West Yorkshire). He wrote that there were “about 100 vines of different kinds”. However, there seems …

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