Kranz Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Brut Sekt

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Kranz CS Sparkling Rosé Brut

Kranz Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Brut Sekt Weingut Kranz is a top-quality winery in the German region of the Pfalz (aka Palatinate). It started in 1948 in the south of the Pfalz region, not far from the French (Alsace) border. Today, it’s run by the fourth generation, Boris and Kerstin Kranz. The estate is organic and a member of the prestigious and influential VDP. …

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Huia Blanc de Blancs and Marlborough Memories

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Huia Blanc de Blancs 2016

Huia Blanc de Blancs and Marlborough Memories The Huia was a native New Zealand bird with beautiful plumage. In particular, its distinctive tail feathers, now extremely rare, were highly prized, both by the Maori and by milliners.  Sadly, this species hasn’t been seen since 1907 and is now almost certainly extinct. Huia is also the name of a winery.  In …

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Herbert Hall English Sparkling Brut Rosé 2016

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Nick Hall, Herbert Hall winery

Herbert Hall English Sparkling Brut Rosé 2016 My first encounter with Herbert Hall wines was in 2016 with their Traditional Method Brut. That’s from Kent, and it proved to be one of the outstanding wines in a lineup of high-quality Britfizz. You can read about that here. However, Herbert Hall also makes a Brut Rosé of a similar calibre. Herbert Hall …

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WOTY 2019: Llopart Original 1887

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WOTY 2019: Llopart Original 1887 Brut Nature Gran Reserva

WOTY 2019: Llopart Original 1887 January 1st 2020: it’s time for my Wine of the Year 2019. Of course, there were outstanding candidates this year – each of which gave great pleasure. However, the moment I tasted this Espumosos (sparkling wine) at Llopart in Catalonia, I was convinced it would be WOTY 2019. However, a visit to Llopart with its warmth …

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I’m forever making Bubbles

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I’m forever making Bubbles. Making Bubbles is a popular Wine Alchemy event; how different ways to create sparkling wines. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Wine comes from the alcoholic fermentation of freshly picked grape juice. We regard this as straightforward chemistry nowadays. However, that understanding is relatively recent. We know now that yeast digests the sugar in the grapes, producing alcohol and …

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