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WOTY 2019: Llopart Original 1887 Brut Nature Gran Reserva

WOTY 2019: Llopart Original 1887

January 1st 2020: it’s time for my Wine of the Year 2019. Of course, there were outstanding candidates this year – each of which gave great pleasure. However, the moment I tasted this Espumosos (sparkling wine) at Llopart in Catalonia, I was convinced it would be WOTY 2019.

However, a visit to Llopart with its warmth of hospitality and sunshine adds excitement.  Also, it was with family members Jesi Llopart and Pere Llopart I Vilarós – that’s him in the picture above.  Consequently, I needed to ensure that my enthusiasm wasn’t running amok.

So, back in the wind and wuthering of an English winter, another bottle of this wine not only confirmed my previous impressions but lifted my spirits too.


The recent feature about the organic Llopart winery is here.   Llopart has rightly received plenty of praise and awards for its wines. If your experience of Cava has been disappointing thus far, this stellar wine brings a welcome correction.

Original 1887 Brut Nature Gran Reserva, 11.5%

Llopart Original 1887

Llopart Original 1887

Original 1887 was initially for celebrating Llopart’s 125th Anniversary of sparkling wine growing.  It’s perhaps the greatest expression of Cava / Corpinnat I’ve encountered and certainly one of the world’s great sparkling wines.  As this is Catalonia, the wine contains a blend of three local grapes; 25% Xarel-lo, 25% Macabeo (Viura) and 50% Parellada.  There is no Chardonnay in this cuvée.

In the blend, Xarel-lo brings body, structure and ageing potential.  Macabeo adds nuanced aromatics and volume, while the unusually high Parellada content ensures elegance, freshness and delicacy.  Llopart is exceptionally fortunate in having such high altitude vineyards.  In particular, this enables Parellada to give its best, and Llopart’s biotype of this variety is called Montónega.

An expression of Terroir

Indeed, each of the three grape varieties was selected from single plots of old vines, ensuring a rigorous selection of the very best grapes.  The Xarel-lo is from the Pere de Can Ros planted in 1954, the Macabeo from l’Isidoro, (1955) and the Parellada from L’Alzina vineyard, (1960).  These are all from an area called Les Flandes, a natural amphitheatre of north-facing vineyards.  This place was once a sea inlet, so the rocks are limestone, with marine fossils and coral reefs.

This wine matured for ten years in bottle, with the lees riddled by hand.  The style is Brut Nature, so there was no balancing sugar at disgorgement.  Even the label replicates the design of the original.  In those days, string secured the cork, but instead, there is a wire closure.

Original 1887 is a deep golden colour, a bone dry sparkling wine with a whole raft of complex tertiary aromas and flavours.  Toasted almonds and walnuts, chestnuts, a lick of honey, hints of dried orange and candied apple.  Lazy beaded bubble stream with tiny bubbles conveying creamy buttered toast.  New impressions and nuances appear with every sip.  It combines power with a filigree delicacy and is a unique wine to marvel at and linger over.


Being Brut Nature, this wine is versatile; drink it on its own as your mood dictates; it’s equally at home with rowdy celebration or quiet contemplation. Food-wise, try it with simple classics.  A plate of Spanish charcuterie and cheeses is a feast. Another is Pa amb tomàquet; toasted bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil.  Richer dishes are great too.  Try Paella, or the variation from Barçelona called Fideua, which uses noodles instead of rice.


L’Heretat Can Llopart de Subirats
Carretera de Sant Sadurni an Ordal, Km.4
Els Casots
08739 Subirats

What3Words Location

UK Stockists

All About Wine, £35.49. Christopher Keiller £190.08/Case of 6. The Fine Wine Company £214.00/Case of 6.


This wine is a worthy winner of WOTY 2019. Why no check out 2018, 2017 and 2016.

And if you like Cava/Corpinnat, try this one too.


And finally, a Happy New Year to you all! In Spanish, that’s Feliz Año Nuevo. In Catalan, Feliç Any Nou!

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