About Wine Alchemy

Alchemy (al′ kə mē) n.

1. An early form of chemistry, with philosophical and magical associations,
studied in the Middle Ages. Its chief aims were to change base metals into
gold and to discover the elixir of perpetual youth.

2. A method or power of transmutation. Esp., the seemingly miraculous
change of one thing into something better. From the Greek word ‘chumeia,’
the art of extracting juices from plants.


Wine is fascinating. The best description of the ability to create a potentially profound drink from mere fruit juice is alchemy.

An accidental holiday in Burgundy, long ago, first sparked my personal wine journey. Through that I discovered art, beauty and a celebration of life.

Professionally qualified with the WSET Diploma (Honours) in Wines and Spirits and awarded the Wine Trade Club Paten Scholarship in 2004.

I became a storyteller: writing independently on wine and related subjects. Wine Alchemy was one of the first websites dedicated to wine and food. My work has been published in various magazines and online journals.

This all-new website was launched on 11 April 2016 and I very grateful to those that helped me, especially Attercopia. Since then more awards have followed.

You can also follow me on Twitter @Winealchemy1.

99% of all the photography and graphics on this website are mine. You can see more on Flickr.

I’ve been fortunate to visit many of the world’s wine regions. Because wine is such a large subject it cannot be mastered – there are always new discoveries. Hence, I have a special relationship with Italy, Champagne, Burgundy and New Zealand.

Wine is all a matter of opinion, mine and yours. Everyone is different. How boring it would be if we all liked the same thing. Isn’t that part of the fun?

At my happiest in the vineyard, I have a particular interest in Biodynamics. Another area of expertise is how Blockchain technology will transform the wine industry. In fact, I am the first wine writer to be writing about Blockchain and Wine.

I’m a member of FIJEV (the International Federation of Wines and Spirits Journalists and Vintners) and the Circle of Wine Writers. As a WSET Certified Educator and a member of the Association of Wine Educators, I offer corporate and public events as well as offering student coaching.

As wine tourism has grown, I act as a tour and travel guide.

I judge wine at the International Wines and Spirits Competition and similar events in Europe.

Please support Wine In Moderation and drink responsibly.

Originally from London, I live at BD Mansions.



Sono un cantastorie; scrivendo indipendentemente da vino, cibo e viaggi. Possiedo il Wine Alchemy Ltd., e un nuovo sito web lanciato nel 2016. La mia scrittura è stata pubblicata in varie riviste e giornali online in Europa, Inghilterra, Nord America e Nuova Zelanda.

Professionalmente il vino qualificato con il diploma di WSET in vini e alcolici, mi è stato premiato con la borsa di studio Wine Trade Club Paten nel 2004. Giudico i concorsi internazionali di vino come il IWSC.

Un particolare interesse è come blocco catena tecnologia cambierà l’industria del vino.

Sono al mio più felice nella vigna, e io sono un membro attivo di FIJEV (Federazione internazionale dei vini e del giornalismo e del vino di liquori e viticoltori) e il circolo dei viticoltori, (CWW). Sono anche un educatore WSET e un membro dell’associazione degli educatori del vino (AWE).

Je suis un conteur; écrire indépendamment sur le vin, la nourriture et le voyage. Je possède Wine Alchemy Ltd., et un nouveau site Web lancé en 2016. Mon écriture a été publiée dans divers magazines et revues en ligne en Europe, au Royaume-Uni, en Amérique du Nord et en Nouvelle-Zélande.

Le vin professionnel qualifié avec le diplôme WSET (honneurs) dans les vins et spiritueux, j’ai reçu la bourse du vin du Club Paten en 2004. Je juge à des compétitions internationales de vin comme le IWSC.

Un intérêt particulier, c’est comment la technologie bloc de la chaîne va changer l’industrie du vin.

Je suis à mon plus heureux dans le vignoble, et je suis un membre actif de FIJEV (la Fédération internationale des vins et des spiritueux journalistes et vignerons) et le cercle des écrivains de vin (CWW). Je suis aussi un éducateur certifié WSET et un membre de l’Association des éducateurs du vin (AWE).